Our Mission

Woodland Squad Club, dedicated to charitable causes, is comprised of uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of the CHP office in Woodland, California. Their mission is to raise funds for Law Enforcement personnel who are experiencing financial hardship due to unforeseen illness or injury. The Club also provides fellowship and support to its members and strives to improve the quality of life in the local community through involvement in children’s sports, education, safety programs, and scholarships for college bound youth. Woodland Squad Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ID# 61-1532405.

The California Association of Highway Patrolmen is a labor organization which represents approximately 11,000 active and retired California Highway Patrol officers. As part of their organization, they administer the CAHP Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund. This fund is a non-profit, charitable (501 (c) (3)) trust dedicated to assisting families of California Highway Patrol officers. The trust receives donations from private citizens as well as from corporations. In the event a CAHP member dies, regardless of cause, the Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund makes a one-time payment of $2,400 to the surviving spouse of the officer or, in the event there is not one, any financially dependent children. In July 2007, trustees of the Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund agreed to increase the death benefit to $10,000, for survivors of CAHP members killed in the line-of-duty.

The CAHP prides themselves on taking immediate action in dispersing this benefit as soon as they are notified of the death. This is most beneficial to survivors in assisting with the cost of the funeral. Since its inception in 1929, the Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund has provided more than $6.5 million to the families of deceased members. Additionally, the CAHP Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund has made donations to the survivors of allied agency members who have been killed in the line of duty.